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We Are Lost

Posted in Uncategorized on April 20, 2017 by Linata

Where does any tension come from? Successful people hating desperate people. Desperate people blaming successful people or government or whatever else. Blame. Hate. Nobody wants to reach out. Somehow, we pretend, that we don’t share this pain. We close our doors, eyes, bridges…We refuse to connect. I’d rather take medication to treat depression, anxiety, panic attacks…but what would happen if we choose to talk to each other? To listen. How many of us can listen? We’re so focused on our own problems… Yet, we don’t come out about our own pain and we become numb towards the pain of others. We separate, we become separated, and in this global separation we slowly die. We disappear. We vanish.. Yet, we’re consuming. Things, sex, alcohol, social media..we’d rather have fake life than live. We’re dead-walking monsters. No longer able to listen. Unable to dance. We forgot how to be in tune with the universe’s rhythm. In stead we substitute. We’re killing this planet. We’re killing ourselves.

We’ve lost the way.