one piece of cake is still…a delicious cake

i know some people…who are so great in their own way…yet, alone…hidden…or hiding…and if all of them came together in one physical space….a revolution would happen. society would shift to a whole new level. only it won’t. because greatness is always marginalised. as an illness…. but if only if only if only…i guess, we can thank hipsters for totally downgrading originality. but ultimately, this devaluing of anything valuable is what’s happening with us (humanity). and it’s way way more dangerous than any other virus humanity encountered this far. yet….so many people through own personal struggle search for the higher meaning…and that’s what keep me floating on the surface. and i’ve never been so amazed and totally confused in my entire life. and i keep on meeting people so true and original. it must mean only one thing….but dear lord, this is hard work. and i want to hear from more people going such drastic changes. don’t hesitate, and please, drop me a line if you can relate.


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