I hate feeling confined…

I struggle because I feel squeezed into a system I didn’t invent!

I love being a woman, but I hate being a woman that’s expected to be a particular KIND. I feel like I’m the queen of my own destiny. I rule what’s right – for me. For me and for me ONLY. I don’t want to dominate, but I resent being dominated too. I want to wear big boots. Or rather I want to walk as if I’m wearing big boots. I don’t want to be squeamish and polite. I want to stand proud and tall. I don’t want to look timid. And if I don’t like you looking at me I want to tell you so.


I used to wear ties and hats. I was compelled to prove I was right.

But what many failed to understand is my disinterest in power

What I want is to be who I want to be

Why should I fit the frames which are way too tight

I’m a gentle being

But I’m also a free spirit

And my life has shown to me that the power is never given

I’m forced to do it again and again..

And take what belongs to me – my right to be free

I MUST choose

For some it’s a given

For others it’s a constant war

I try so hard to maintain the feminine side of me

While fighting everyday

Without that shiny armour…


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