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orgasm called Life

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In your arms
My knees
The corner of my lips
In my dreams
I see golden brown
Demands jumping in
Love is
Substitute to immortality
Pleasure is immediate
Is easier to please
When you don’t know
Drums in your ears
Or is it ear drums?
Patronise my insecurity
My vitality
Life is sweet
Every day is just
A rehearsal
An introduction
Full of lust
To dynamics of resonance
Attach your antenna
To flavoursome
Like waves
Of electromagnetic powers
We gonna transfer
Get lost
In wham
Wham wham wham
Bang bang
This game lasts forever
Life is an adventure
Or less



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I hate feeling confined…

I struggle because I feel squeezed into a system I didn’t invent!

I love being a woman, but I hate being a woman that’s expected to be a particular KIND. I feel like I’m the queen of my own destiny. I rule what’s right – for me. For me and for me ONLY. I don’t want to dominate, but I resent being dominated too. I want to wear big boots. Or rather I want to walk as if I’m wearing big boots. I don’t want to be squeamish and polite. I want to stand proud and tall. I don’t want to look timid. And if I don’t like you looking at me I want to tell you so.


I used to wear ties and hats. I was compelled to prove I was right.

But what many failed to understand is my disinterest in power

What I want is to be who I want to be

Why should I fit the frames which are way too tight

I’m a gentle being

But I’m also a free spirit

And my life has shown to me that the power is never given

I’m forced to do it again and again..

And take what belongs to me – my right to be free

I MUST choose

For some it’s a given

For others it’s a constant war

I try so hard to maintain the feminine side of me

While fighting everyday

Without that shiny armour…

sex for no money

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golden girls
vintage clothes
shimmering in the light
of white boys’ money
ok, i’m not funny
i’m trying to say something
but you accuse me
of always wanting to be right
you think i seek attention
but what do you know
about life’s addiction?
some of us constantly live
in a state of
fight or flight
but you think
it’s the style
i’ve chosen
the cause is
my personal affliction
you know no difference
between the freedom of choice
the choice to be happy
i’m not
yes, i am
your breakfast
yet, i’m not
your english muffin
in the science of bluffing
i fail
but can i admit
i try
to be right
for you
but your hang-ups
and lies
your awkward phrases
there are always corners
the perfect squares
you admire
my brekafastless life
i attract
or is it us?
can the hungry be friends
with the blind?
the price of curiosity
is always high
you want to cry
or try to fly
just jump
your white freckles skin
matches the snow
exposed to the sunlight
yet another cold pure
come to the shadow
it won’t give you
but the fence
i create
to hide from crowd’s
is claustrophobic and
it’s right
admit it!
you always live for
i admire
your intense
yet shallow
constant flow
you and i
create the power
of polarity
instance chemistry
is always right
or does it


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by no means freedom is free. actually you have to pay for it on many occasions and in various ways..and that’s precisely why many choose to pay for something/someone else in stead.

bulimia of influence

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“I go into solitude so as not to drink out of everybody’s cistern. When I am among the many I live as the many do, and I do not think I really think. After a time it always seems as if they want to banish my self from myself and rob me of my soul.” – F. Nietzsche