How dare they..

whoever thinks that it’s weak
to die from substance abuse and/or suicide
clearly has never made any of their OWN choices
never dared to swim against the current
never dreaded to be alone in the crowd
never dared to dream
never bothered to offer
but loved to take
take take take
spineless beasts
who are you?
how are you?
shameless creatures
how dare you
to judge those who came here to lighten the way
to shake your little sheltered world
how dare those
little mermaids
you dream about
whilst jerking off in front of a computer
how dare they to come alive and die!
how dare those men
who starved and created art
while you staffed your gigantic mouths
stretched shapelessly from emotional hunger
all those mavericks you hate
how dare they to now be dead!
and you too well be dead one day
your whole life story will be outlined
by a square coffin box
and an ugly stone
will decorate your grave
don’t feel sorry for yourself
a stone has a long life span
you don’t.

PS in very affectionate memory of Robin Williams


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