The opposites that do not attract

“A wayfarer can be tender or rough, skilful or clumsy, courageous or timid, but always he is at heart a child, always living Earth’s first day, before the beginning of all history, his life always governed by a few simple urges and needs. He can be clever or stupid. He can have a deep-seated knowledge of the fragility and impermanence of all life, of how pitifully and tremulously all living things carry their scrap of warm blood through the icy spaces o universe, or he can be like a child and greedily follow the dictates of his poor stomach: but always he is the opponent and mortal enemy of the sedentary property-owner, who hates, despises and fears him because he does not wish to be reminded of that – of the ephemeral nature of all existence, of the continuous withering of all life, of the inexorable, icy death that fills the universe around us.”
-Herman Hesse ‘Narcissus and Goldmund’


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