to do_to become_to be

People who were abandoned, abused, or neglected as children will always suffer from an illness called longing. If you manage to survive such circumstances, you can end up having a successful life. You might have a good career, or become an amazing artist, or dedicate your life to helping others. There are lots of ways to make you life fulfilling, but nothing would ever be able to fill the void that you childhood has created. And not matter what you do, you’ll always feel lonely. Alone with your ‘condition’, you’ll struggle to belong. You might have a partner, your own children, loyal friends, but the void will still be there. Like a black hole it will be sucking in your joyful experiences. And all your life, you’ll be fighting against this powerful pull. You vs black hole. Most likely, you’ll never win, but most importantly you must try not to lose. Throughout your entire life you’ll strive not to lose. It will take a lot of your energy. Therefore, for us, sufferers of childhood trauma, healing is the ultimate goal in life. Nothing else matters. Art, family, friends, career are only substitutes unless you do make healing a priority in your life. Once you focus on this process, art, family, friends, career will support your goal.  They will help you with healing, rather than distract you from it. Have mercy on others, and have mercy on yourself.


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