So 3 years after my world exploded and turned into 3 billion pieces splashed all over the universe, what did i learn? 1. life goes on 2. actually it gets better as u overcome crisis 3. true friendships matter most 4. art is salvation 5. what yours would find you no matter what 6. enjoy life as much as you possibly can 7. life’s fragile, and therefore, precious 8. the end means the beginning 9. it’s all just a little bit of history repeating 0. smile. one smile and one kind word goes a long long long way 01. eyes get adjusted to darkness and then the world starts unraveling its magical self……..Merry xmas, happy hanukah, winter solstice, yule, new year…new everything…Everyone knows it’s a special time of the year… So may your minds and hearts be filled with special feelings and thoughts.


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