In my dream we were driving through some countryside, it was winter. The landscape was perfectly clean and white. Roads were unevenly icy and slippery. I drove fast and we both enjoyed mild rush of adrenaline knowing it was a dangerous ride. It felt as if the car was to lose its grip on the road we’d simply fly into vastness that was surrounding us. We laughed but didn’t really speak. We sort of communicated with eyes as if we were reading each other minds. Then we drove on the ice which was covering a pool of water. It was not clear in my dream whether it was a sea or an ocean, the landscape was endless as if we were in a Matrix. I’ve decided that the car was too heavy to drive on this ice and we started walking leaving the car behind. It was very cold and you were not dressed properly. I was getting worried, but in stead smiled at you and offered you to drink alcohol from my hip flask. Then we reached a piece of land where ice was meeting water. We carried on walking even though ice was now drowning in water. Suddenly water levels started rising and we saw a stream of rather stormy water moving towards us. It was very windy and the sea (or whatever it was) was scarily moody. Suddenly, I’ve realised that waves in the distance were way too big and if they reached us we’d be dragged into water without any hope for escape. We started running back. The surface was slippery and you fell down couple of times. I was trying to keep calm and kept on picking you up and running again. It was exhausting. I couldn’t find the car so I started panicking. Suddenly we reached the forest. Trees provided us with some shelter from the crazy wind and we no longer could see massive waves in the distance. I calmed down a bit and tried to cheer you up. You stood their looking totally lost and I hugged you. You smiled a little, but I could tell that you were angry at me. Suddenly this really scary man appeared and started to run towards us. His eyes were mad and he looked like a serial killer. We started to run again, but he was getting closer and then he started grabbing you while I was trying to pull you from his hands… I woke up from the sound of my own screaming. I realised that I was in my bed, but I was still gasping for air and shivering as if my body did experience severe freezing cold… I couldn’t fall back asleep that night. Everything was way too painful. I wanted to scream. But I was totally paralysed by my own fear. Death. I felt like I faced death again. Again.


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