At birth we become separated

from the womb

from the mother

from everything

we become ‘me’

each year our identity grows

it becomes more defined

experience shapes us

multiple layers

complex structures –

we look for a place to fit this structure into

ongoing puzzle

we try different relationships, friends, jobs, hobbies

to make sure they ‘fit’ us

sometimes we are happy

quite often, frustrated

‘me’ grows bigger and stronger

it begins to break us

too much weight to bear…

and we become weaker

more dependent

not as sharp anymore

not so perky

experience tears us out

we begin to care less about our shape

both physically and mentally

we deteriorate

morphing occurs

old and frail

we become like children again

all with the same needs:



just not as cute

but very fragile

eventually we return to where everything starts

we die

and return to the state of calmness

no longer separated

no longer ambitious

or purposeful

not agressive

and not frustrated

nowhere to run

nobody to follow

nothing to achieve

we become pure nothing

no wonder some people cherish death

if you are tired from

trying, completing, competing


can be something to rely upon

and to look forward


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