someone hurts u. u get angry. u think: “ah, u gonna understand one day, and u gonna regret!” and one day..they understand…and they ask for your forgiveness. and u do not feel happiness. u feel endless sadness. i feel endless sadness. it’s bigger and greater than any ocean…

but in the depths of this ocean i find beauty.

life is so simple, yet complex.

in all these endless intersections of various life events we are connected.

we are One.

whether it’s pain or joy – it’ matters only in terms of amplitude of emotion

in terms of the span of Life itself, the universe,

what matters is the infinity – the depth,

which swallows all of us.

in this vastness –

one can find Peace.

Peace  is space-awareness.

we all need to create more space in our minds.

in order to do so

it’s important to know how to de-clutter.

it’s essential to learn HOW to get rid of rubbish.

how do you get rid of the waste you produce?…



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