Evolution of suppression

We’ve become so intellectually evolved that we need to be intoxicated in order to enjoy dancing, singing (still not an option for many)… other things go on this list too.


2 Responses to “Evolution of suppression”

  1. Dancing and singing undoes the suppression. Painting md writing and screaming and playing and talking talking talking the truth. I think the issue is that people are scared of what they will find underneath. They are scared that others won’t be able to deal with it. Won’t know what to do with it. Because, let’s be honest, we don’t suppress the light, we suppress the darkness. I genuinely believe most people don’t want to be confronted with others’ darkness as it will bring them too close to their own… And then where would be? In an expressive state. How damn awful!

    • I agree completely. Once you accept your own dark side, so to speak, you can have rather enriching experiences. But not with everyone. People are scared of the unknown, especially if it concerns their own psyche. But actually it can be fun too. Art is the best practice of connecting with yourself and others.

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