Yesterday I’ve met a famous Russian director. Like most Russian directors, he’s male, arrogant, vulgar, and profoundly self-assured. His art is driven by his ego. He has no interest in the receiving end. Testosterone driven his art represents everything I dislike about this world: inequality, competition, brutality, and a fragmented, profoundly arrogant, way of thinking. It’s the art of the past, in which an artist has been given the power of gods. One knows! One is the man. One must be listened to. Artists of that time lost the ability to listen. They have little concern for ‘small people’. Their art is about BIG ideas, which reflects their BIG egos. Intelligent, without a doubt, they become victims of their own arrogance. They have nothing to give. And their art has no value, apart from monetary value of course. In the patriarchal society only this type of art finds materialistic rewards. And not only. Many fall victims of such profound arrogance. Often, women choose to love these artists. Other alpha men see them as equals , but in a different domain. They acquire this domain by buying this artists’ arts, seeing their films, reading their books. Or at least memorising the titles of these books. Today, it’s not enough to be a macho, you need to give an impression of a somewhat cultural macho. Equally, women, follow the same principles, and use all the same titles to impress their potential alpa-male-partners. There’s a lot of demand for this arrogant type of art. Which creates a lot of space for expressing one’s ego. And they do. And they do. Lions of this world, they run after ideas as if they were sneaky lambs. They tear these ideas apart, and eat them, splashing blood all over the pages. The predator that pushes the civilisation further ahead. The predator that has pushed this civilisation to the approaching glorious Fall. We are all observing the Titanic sinking. The huge, seemingly perfect construction, which is going to kills us all. We killed ourselves. Self-destruction appears to be at the core of the ruling kind.
If only they could sit calmly and engage with the world without any judgement.
If only they could listen.
We are all a part of this Titanic, and nobody is to blame.
We all choose to be a part of this humangous, self-destructive system.


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