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My biggest accomplishment in life is the fact that I didn’t die in my 20s. I’m proud. Plus, simply lucky. Everything (!) tastes amazing because I’ve survived. Most importantly, whoever is dealing with immense feelings of pain, please please know: time changes everything. It really does. You truly don’t know what tomorrow brings. You might as well stick around to be amazingly surprised. Life’s not dull. This much I know for sure.



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The problem with mothers is that they either love u too much, or not enough, or both things at the same time. All these scenarios have rather negatives consequences. We all battle against these throughout our adulthood. It’s almost like an engine that keeps human development going. Or not.

health and safety

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in relationships i value substance

otherwise, it’s like diving in

and breaking your neck

because the pool happens to be too shallow


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someone hurts u. u get angry. u think: “ah, u gonna understand one day, and u gonna regret!” and one day..they understand…and they ask for your forgiveness. and u do not feel happiness. u feel endless sadness. i feel endless sadness. it’s bigger and greater than any ocean…

but in the depths of this ocean i find beauty.

life is so simple, yet complex.

in all these endless intersections of various life events we are connected.

we are One.

whether it’s pain or joy – it’ matters only in terms of amplitude of emotion

in terms of the span of Life itself, the universe,

what matters is the infinity – the depth,

which swallows all of us.

in this vastness –

one can find Peace.

Peace  is space-awareness.

we all need to create more space in our minds.

in order to do so

it’s important to know how to de-clutter.

it’s essential to learn HOW to get rid of rubbish.

how do you get rid of the waste you produce?…



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art gives me a hard-on. 


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some people hate rich because they want to be rich themselves. that’s not desire for equality. desire for equality can not be rooted in envy or guilt. same goes for feminism, all other power-related struggles.

when someone fights for something – always question their motives.

in most cases, any type of politics starts with desire to have power.

be careful of anyone who has the desire to have power.


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too many people cushion themselves with things/people that are comfortable in stead of venturing out into the uncomfortable zone and learning about who they really are. and then these people get old and blame other things/people for the waste they have created themselves.