woke up terribly hangover this morning, went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and ended up listening to my landlady moaning about her health for 30 minutes, which seemed to last an eternity..i then found myself agreeing to do the shopping for her today (she’s old and frail). as soon as i could, i escaped and crawled back into bed. after a couple of hours my stomach started demanding food…the idea of leaving the room has become so unbearable my mind started looking for alternative solutions…i couldn’t possibly leave the house through the window..then i remembered that i had a flapjack in my bag. then i remembered that i’ve hidden half a bottle of wine from last weekend to make sure i don’t drink it during the week (an example of my excellent organisational skills).

it’s before midday and i’m already drunk. ideas rushing through my mind…

i think the universe wants me to become a writer.

and eat flapjacks every day.


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