eat me

i get attached to other people’s dog

to someone’s children




bed linen

i’m so obsessed with comfort

a pillow case

can become a source of pride

for shallow beings

that have been stripped

of class

the royal blue

is a state of thoughtful being

some go to Paris


St Petes

New York

others buy Vivienne


Yashka Moore


Vintage, of course

i’m spending credit cards

to please your eyes

and satisfy your hunger

i do not judge you –

i was that person once

these days

i beg

i please

i ask

i praise

i prostitute myself

for lowest risk

for others





i’m all sparkles

i’m all smiles

i’m a commodity

prepared daily

as a ‘special meal’

offered once

cooked badly,

yet quickly

for the mass

i’m the bulimia –

an instant fix

a state of flux

exotic taste

at the beginning

i am the lie

that you would buy

i’m the love

you like to waste.


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