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How much control I execute determines how much the control will execute me.


Gone fishing

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Sadness is deep. Happiness is shallow. One doesn’t exist without the other.


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Despite the commonly shared belief that opposites attract, people usually gravitate towards ‘sameness’ and are threatened by ‘otherness’.


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How come some people love you, others hate you, some get obsessed with you and others want nothing to do with you at all?Just like particles we are all a part of a system which could be explained by the periodic table. Particles are not aware of the periodic table and often fail to see the patterns in their interactions. This lack of perspective creates an illusion that allows particles to believe in their uniqueness. Each group of particles also believes in superiority of the group they belong to. Evolution takes care of any disputes between the particles. Everything constantly changes. But the system remains the same. It’s the most efficient system – whether particles like that or not.

eat me

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i get attached to other people’s dog

to someone’s children




bed linen

i’m so obsessed with comfort

a pillow case

can become a source of pride

for shallow beings

that have been stripped

of class

the royal blue

is a state of thoughtful being

some go to Paris


St Petes

New York

others buy Vivienne


Yashka Moore


Vintage, of course

i’m spending credit cards

to please your eyes

and satisfy your hunger

i do not judge you –

i was that person once

these days

i beg

i please

i ask

i praise

i prostitute myself

for lowest risk

for others





i’m all sparkles

i’m all smiles

i’m a commodity

prepared daily

as a ‘special meal’

offered once

cooked badly,

yet quickly

for the mass

i’m the bulimia –

an instant fix

a state of flux

exotic taste

at the beginning

i am the lie

that you would buy

i’m the love

you like to waste.


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lack of natural resources, global warming – i’m not so worried about. how quickly we lose the ability to talk and be honest with each other – this worries me quite significantly. 

Western civil

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If I was western civilisation I’d be very worried. If be very concerned. The beast and the beauty are not going to get married. And in the conditions of extreme survival…the dominating part of this world will fail to survive. As I said before, rationality is a luxury.
Plus, most of us don’t know how to grow corn (rice, wheat, etc). Let’s all sit back, relax, and watch our epic fall.