Balance = art + antiart

Art has to have energy. Constructive or destructive – it doesn’t matter. Whether it can be experienced through the emotional or intellectual impact or through the impressiveness of quality of craft – when the energy is present it can’t be ‘missed’. An artist can create something out of great emotional agony or she can channel the excess of her energy to hours and hours of intensive labour. When the energy is put into work it WILL be experienced by the audience. Art doesn’t come out of nowhere. It comes out of a surplus of something. ‘Something’ is important. But the ‘surplus’ is the crucial element of any piece of art. That’s what I call art. The rest is just an attempt to have energy one lacks. It’s a non-art. It’s an antidote of art. One might as well not even try to create art. It’s a complete waste of time and other resources. Unfortunately, there are too many artists of this kind. They are the ones that kill art. They are the ones that create barriers for real artists. The murderers. The shameless liars. Thousands of servants to the anti-art against an artistic explosion of just one individual. And it makes sense. It’s the perfect balance. One piece of art requires that much energy to be created in the first place.


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