my mother is a ‘virgo’

she’s the opposite of me

i’m an antidote to her 

while i dream of the impossible

and seek truth

my mother is driven by the practical

focused on the tangible

when i speculate about impermanency

my mother does not waste time thinking

she likes structures

she likes results

i like ideas

i crave space

she strives for perfection

i’m fond of imperfections

she knows how to mask a scar

i see beauty in a scar

i understand vastness

she appreciated details

when i look at her constantly in motion, rushing, building, preserving

i get sad

when she looks at me and lack of clear direction in my life

she gets sad

i pity her

she pities me

that’s how we love each other. 


PS according to Hindu beliefs people who hated each other in previous life meet as parents and children in the next lifetime


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