Violent feelings

Everyone I loved hit me on the face
at least once.
Or other body parts.
One lover tried to choke me even…
All of my main loves humiliated me in front of others.
My own mother called me a whore and slapped my face…
So if u ask me
Love = violence
And it’s not the same as domestic abuse
One must realise that both love and hate can be the roots of violence.
One is meant to cause u pain while another one is resulted by one’s own suffering.

Of course in both cases it hurts –

nothing justifies violence.

And…nothing can be resolved by silence.
I wish I talked more to people I loved.
Equally I wish they were
open to express their true feelings…
Time heals.
Wounds become scars.
Everything that has never been resolved eats you from inside –
It kills u slowly
It becomes cancer.


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