my experience of PTSD – 5

what i’ve become to understand very clearly

is that you can not expect people

to make you happy.

but you CAN make yourself happy

or happier.

some people will make you unhappy

and it’s up to you how you choose to react to them

for example,

you can distance yourself

physically or emotionally

and by preserving your right to happy

and make choices that remove unhappiness from your life

and most importantly

from your MIND

you create space

in your life

and in your mind

for happiness to come in.

until you make this escape…

it’s not going to happen

and unhappiness is going to choke you

until you break down

and you make a change.

crisis creates space for transformation.

if u r in crisis –

something needs to change.

it hurts at the time u r in crisis

but when u start changing

u start understanding

why u reached the crisis

in the first place.

one day i woke up

and realised that

all that anger that i feel

i’m going to change into kindness

towards MYSELF

every day

i learn to be kind to myself

to be respectful towards my needs


i feel hurt

i now see it as an opportunity

to practice kindness towards myself.

i’ve cried a lot as a result of that

and it really is helping me

to heal.


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