Thank you –> note

i’ve been nominated as a ‘beautiful blogger’. first this came as a shock because i don’t see my writings as ‘beautiful’. in my blog i reveal rather dark sides of myself and do not try to make things ‘pretty’ as i normally would do in my real life. not like my blog is not real, in fact my personality here is more real than u ever would get to know in non-cyber world. i’m forever thankful that i have an opportunity to be myself at least here.

what i want to say, however, is that after doing some self-reflection i’ve realised that my blog is not ‘dark’. ultimately, i’m searching for the light. it’s a challenging task. in my case, i find it incredibly difficult during most days. nevertheless, i do not give up. and i keep on trying. so no matter how dark i see myself on the inside, i attempt to do something that some people give up on doing. some people in my personal life gave up on looking for the light, so i’m trying to not do that. i’m in a position when it’s easy to give up, yet, the experiences i’ve had gave me the courage to fight this tendency, which is what my life is pretty much all about. may be everyone’s life is about that. i suspect it might be.

so whoever is reading my blog:

1. thank you for it means a LOT to me

2. i hope u r looking for the light as well

3. i hope u find the light at least sometimes and it keeps u going (that’s all that matters, in my opinion)

Thank you merlinspielen for nominating my blog. Lots of light to you!


To learn more about the nomination, please, read here:


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