love as a colour

“love has so many shapes and colours”- i said.

‘fuck you’ – you replied.

you took it as a personal offence

that was 7 years ago

look at you know…

nearly married

not to me.

there are so many ways to be heartbroken

sometimes someone loves you as a friend and not a lover

sometimes someone is a lover to you,

but not a friend.

sometimes someone is in one place

but you need to be in another

sometimes someone loves someone else in you

and sometimes they don’t love you at all

sometimes it is wrong time and place

sometimes you love someone from a different ‘cast’

sometimes you are scared to love them

sometimes they stop loving you

sometimes they lie and pretend

sometimes they leave without explanation

sometimes they try to love you, but they fail

sometimes you fail to love them

sometimes love just ends

sometimes they may die

and at the end

all you know

is that it IS the end

in deed

so many colours and shapes

of love

and so many ways

to have your heart



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