do not try to measure life
that’s bigger than yours.
raw feeling
raw passions
so raw
their insides are sticking out
so vulgar
yet so tempting
the heightened state
of erect emotion
you want to turn away from this potential explosion
yet you want to have a glimpse
of this raw life
a breathing volcano
that is so magnificent
and powerful
yet, you can’t stand on the way of such powerful eruption
for it will destroy you
it cares less if it’s you
or you
or you
or you
raw interactions have no mercy
be careful before you get pulled in
my advice: watch raw processes from a distance
be an observer
or get killed
as an active participant of forces
forces that have no positive or negative meaning
forces ARE
be brave
if you chose to give in
into the RAW temptation
of life
without security.
without the emergency exit…
do let go of gravity…
if you want to lose your shape
you might find yourself
to be a brand new person.

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