Music is GO_D

On Wednesday I saw Björk performing live.
I don’t know what happened, but I started weeping and then just couldn’t stop.
At first, tears just started dripping down my cheeks (which NEVER happens to me in public), but since there were no reaction from people around me I just let go of control…
I was weeping. Bjork was singing. People were looking at her…in ecstasy that united us all.
Strangest experience in deed. I was on my own (my friend conveniently went to buy beer) yet I was surrounded by people.
I felt alone…yet…SO CONNECTED.
Her music has power that’s beyond words.
And because she really lets her emotions out when she sings it touched me in the way I found overwhelming. But I’ve decided to let go and let my emotions do whatever they wanted. And I was flooded with my own emotions. They were joy, they were sadness, they were hurt, they were forgiveness…I did not analyse them….I FELT them.

The next day I woke up completely blank. Not feeling empty, but rather feeling clean. As if there was a wound inside of me that was cleaned and treated with powerful medicine. I was still wounded, but I was no longer scared of the wound.
For the first time in a very long time I FELT like things will get better. I had hope for healing. And whatever it was that was inside my wound stopped bothering me…I could finally relax from the agony of feelings I kept under my skins during all these months…
I knew there was instant karma. Turns out you can also have instant therapy.
Thank you Björk and everyone else who came to listen to you on Wednesday. I don’t think I ever felt so alive and connected with the whole humanity, with Life.


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