New life

Give up on duality.
Start thinking in 3s.
At least.
Not evil vs good.
Not life vs death.
Think of the other.
What is the ‘other’ equal side to the polarities?
The triangle in which one side equals the other two…
Catch it.
And here comes the orgasm
Of life.


2 Responses to “New life”

  1. Ahhhh this rules! I’m too ignorant still and am only aware of the duality of everything. It creates such internal and external conflict. If I discovered a new point…shit…I can’t even fathom that. I wish that people I knew were aware of things like this and willing to discuss it for further advancement. Though one thought I have is, is it really 3 points or are those 3 points really equal to one, the one being love. I am probably closer to being an atheist than anything, though I am at the same time very spiritual, but anyway one of my favorite things to do recently when I reading anything pertaining to God is to replace God with the word love. It makes so much more sense to me. I couldn’t help thinking about this (raised catholic) relating to the sign of the cross. Oh jeez this is probably super jumbled and makes little sense (been sick a while) but I would thoroughly enjoy discussing stuff like this more if anything I said makes sense to you. Either way this post is great and I can’t wait to read more.

  2. i didn’t think about it, but you’re right, trinity is present in Christianity, and it’s present in many other religions. it doesn’t have to be a three point system, but a a triangle is a ‘shape’ of perception that breaks the duality. we tend to see things in opposites, and as u said this way of thinking creates a lot if internal and external conflicts. trying to find another angle is a way to break the system of polarisation. if one manages to do that the result can be truly astonishing. but really…it doesn’t have to be three…it can be a million. and more. triangle however gives a sense of completeness. infinity can be too overwhelming for our minds. well, it is for me, al least.

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