Madness, psychological problems, mental issues…so many ways to label and to reject ‘negative emotions’. The society did not learn how to control madness, but in stead excelled at suppressing emotions. Depression, anxiety, stress disorders…so many of us apparently fail to manage our lives well. So many of us would never admit this. Being ‘mental’ is something to be ashamed of – to hide under the carpet. But we all know what happens when you hide stuff under the carpet…our society is developing an epidemic of repression. We are told how to manage our negative feelings. We are given drugs. We are sent to anger management courses, and dear god forbid you get to that stage. So we learn how to suppress ‘well’. We get depressed more. And one day you might as well just ‘lose it’ and throw a cat into the bin. Again, you’ll be judged and you will be punished. People have no mercy when it comes to weakness and this is exactly how ‘negative’ emotions are perceived. They are like waste – nobody wants them. Yet…everyone has them. And that’s the paradox of this whole situation. Would positive emotions exist without the negative emotions and vica versa? And most importantly, how would we learn if we always experienced only joy and contentment? How would we progress in life and developed spiritually, emotionally, mentally? We live in a very complex world where avoiding interaction with people is not possible. In fact, it’s not advisable as we are social beings and through these interactions we learn. Everyone has their own agenda. Everyone has their emotions. The differences in these often create conflicts. how can you possibly avoid negative emotions when you’re experiencing conflict? Conflict, just like negative emotions, is not something awful that needs to be avoided. It is an opportunity to learn and to grow as an individual. With mental health, negative emotions often indicate problems with either external circumstances or internal mechanisms, which for one reason or another, cause us emotional pain. Our perception might be distorted or….we simply need to change and adjust to the current situation. Life is not static and change is a vital process of living. No pain – no gain, as old wisdom declares. So in stead of avoiding negative feelings, together with stigmatising mental health issues, may be we should acknowledge that these are normal parts of our lives. They are not bad. They are challenging. And a challenge creates an opportunity. This kind of attitude can empower you. And in stead of feeling shame and guilt, one might end up dealing with certain issues rather that suppressing them. The power of positive thinking is only sustainable when it includes negative emotions in this system of thinking. Something negative or positive equally never stays the same. What can be a source of happiness today, can easily become a source of profound sorrow tomorrow. One feeds the other. And just like a loss can be the consequence of once ‘found’ happiness. Negative emotions can give life to something positive. Being in touch with this notion is what makes life worth living. When you are in touch with this eternal engine of transformation you embrace everything, both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, and realise that value of life is added by awareness, and never by ignorance or suppression.

To conclude, this is what I’m going to say:

One must trust oneself and take themselves on the journey of self-discovery. One must not judge oneself. And one must free oneself from other people’s judgements. Those who judge are simply overridden by fear of the unknown. And this unknown lives nowhere else, but in their own heads.


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