love vs art

i thought if i get together with someone who understands art i can finally escape the route of being fascinated with, but completely misunderstood. yes, i was understood. and for that i had to face shameless jealousy and the most cruel type of envy.

This has been an eye-opening experience of ‘love’ and even more so…of ART. i had no idea it has so much power.


2 Responses to “love vs art”

  1. If you were really understood I am not sure how there could be jealousy or envy involved. My version of understanding does not include those emotions. So it puzzles me and saddens me to read your words. Sounds like a story worth hearing when you are ready to share.
    Still that is the power of art – to move people and stir emotions.

  2. u r absolutely right. i thought i was understood because my art was understood or the artistic side of me was understood…so i got overly excited, i suppose. me, as a person, was in fact completely rejected. there was no interest in my well-being..and as i later found out happiness or success. it was a very strange experience in which i developed a huge internal conflict. i nearly started hating myself for being an artist. how can u love only one side of someone and completely disregard everything else? i later understood why…it’s called narcissistic love. and yes…sadly…it is not love. it’s in fact a type of hate.

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