my experience of PTSD – 2

-get a therapist

-get a therapist you like (or it won’t be as effective)

-do not treat any of your relationships as some sort of therapy

-do not expect any of your friends or a partner to be a therapist (avoid those who are too willing to be a therapist to you)

-don’t turn your whole life into a therapy (do nice things, create pleasant moments, treat yourself)

-try to come out (gently) to others as a sufferer of PTSD

-keep a journal, document what works and what doesn’t, little by little get control over your illness (by understanding it)

-be patient when you can’t understand it

-be PATIENT – it will not be instant. but it does get better.


One Response to “my experience of PTSD – 2”

  1. much said…and valid…it would be interesting to hear more from you…i hope many hear and receive…very cool

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