so here i am…
this is the beginning of something else
less resisting
less tiring
less ideal
my ideals have failed me
my search for love has failed me
i wish to no longer seek
but be.
problem with buddhism
or any other moral postulate
is that it makes us forgive and understand others
by doing so
we often forget to forgive and understand ourselves
focusing on others
whether it’s judging or understanding
it gives us an excuse to neglect our own perfections and imperfections
in deed willingness to help
often springs out from your own sense of inadequacy
some sort of guilt that pushes you ‘to be a better person’
in a worse scenario, this orientation towards ‘saving another’
is a result of your own arrogance.
how can you possibly know what’s best for another person?..
and that is why so called good intentions often lead to hell.
of course, sometimes you can see and understand
another person’s pain
of course, sometime you can forgive another person’s wrong-doings
you can sympathise
and it takes a refined soul to be able to do that.
but in all of those circumstances before you actually act
it’s important to check with yourself
why do you want to act?
what’s your motive?
and what i came to realise –
the best tactic that you can choose with regard to another human being is:
do not harm.

2 Responses to “intentions”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Went very well with my morning coffee – and I inspired pressed it to my I Adequate blog…

  2. i’m really glad u liked it and thanks for reposting.
    ps taste of coffee is a bit better…but strong… so the combination does make sense….

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