mirror, mirror on the wall…

What is sex?

I believe that sexual attraction is not some sort of spiritual revelation but workings of your own psyche.

When you let your libido rule your life, you put your subconsciousness in charge – and that’s a very dangerous game.

You, yourself, do not know or understand what is in your subconsciousness. So no wonder often we attract partners that resemble our unresolved issues from the past.

No wonder you can be attracted to your ‘mother’ or your ‘father’ or lack of either of these figures. It, for example, could be a ‘father’ you imagined as a child. Imagination and illusion are two sides of the same coin.

You can also replay the abuse you experienced as a child. Or…you can play a revenge scenario for whatever your mother or father has done to you. Of course, your lover wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on. In most cases you don’t have a clue…

I used to believe that sexual attraction has some spiritual explanation behind it. What a beautiful idea…so full of denial.

I don’t believe in love that’s based on sexual attraction. Saying that, I must declare, that I do believe in love. Love is a powerful force. Nobody can deny that. But I believe in connection that’s not rooted in your past. In fact, it’s timeless. Things change, time passes, but the connection is still there. You might not even be a couple anymore, but you can still love each other, because your wish for each other’s happiness means more than your own selfish need to be needed. That’s love to me. In my opinion this type of connection does have spiritual significance and for this reason it doesn’t need analytical explanations.

And sex…Sex is an illusion. Sex can even be an addiction. Like most pleasures, when taken without care, it leads to self-deception, and, ultimately, self-destruction.


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