Patience is a virtue

so the moral of my story so far:

do not let anybody f*&k with your head. it will turn your mind into a wreck. your body into a wreck. and your heart into a wreck.


you still have your soul (or spirit, whichever you wanna call it)

so moral number 2: trust that it will get better and this pain is a way to learn your lesson in life.

moral number 3: learn what the lesson is, but do not let these scars define you.

moral number 4: sometimes it takes longer to figure out what the moral or the lesson is, so all you can do is be patient. time heals. but most importantly, time reveals.


One Response to “Patience is a virtue”

  1. Great point: time does reveal!! If you make the deliberate choice to be happy no matter what, in time, all wounds become landscapes for glorious gardens. Peace and love!

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