degree of separation

‘and she chose him in stead of the weak man. the honest man.’ -Mark Cousins

i like how this is phrased.

honesty and integrity requires a ridiculous amount of effort.

so honest ones are the ones that often get broken.

the whole world tells you what to do.

and once you step on the path of ‘being honest with yourself’

you start losing more and more companions

because people like being in groups

people like belonging somewhere

and often this means accepting beliefs of others in stead of developing your own

people tend to accept truths of the groups they belong to

and the unity of the opinions gives no reason to question how valid these truths are

once you set to make our own decisions about what’s right and/or wrong

you set yourself a challenge in which ‘the groups’ will challenge you

majority has power

power of many

rather than power of what’s right

so if you decide to be ‘yourself’

you ought to be aware of the destiny you’re selecting for yourself

those who truly think and act independently

are those who are marginalised most

they reside far away from the centre where majority likes to concentrate

yes, these daring individuals push the boundaries of the majority

but equally

they might be squashed by these boundaries

honesty is not a convenient option

and not a popular one

for it takes a lot of strength to stand on your own

and not be swayed by the pressures of judgment

formed by those who have no understanding of what it is they are judging

honesty with integrity means a certain degree of humbleness

and remaining humble when you’re judged by an arrogant crowd

is truly a form of art

only few can perform

the rest either form other ‘groups’ united by the arrogance in being ‘different’

or fail

or become heroes

but show me a hero

and i’ll show you a tragedy


2 Responses to “degree of separation”

  1. “show me a hero, and I’ll show you a tragedy” I love that! So well said.

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