searching for light is an individual journey. 
for this reason you might feel like you are the only one in the whole world looking for it. 
truth is everyone is searching in ways that might be similar or different to yours. 
it does not matter how others or yourself are looking, the main part is looking.
light unites us all. 
no matter how different or similar we all are, we all search for happiness. 
we do not know what it is but we all strive to to be happy. 
nobody wants to be miserable. 
happiness might mean different things to different people, hence there are so many ways of looking, yet the end result is always the same. 
you either know what joy is or you don’t. for me this means light, or being enlightened. 
happiness comes and goes.
it can bring temporary pleasure or satisfaction, but at the end of it all, it ends.
disappointment and bitterness is what you might be left with. 
but truly, it is your choice. 
everyone has a choice to experience joy. 
some people say it’s effortless.
some people say it’s hard work. 
i’d say the main point is realisation that it is a choice. 
today i choose to be grateful for all the mistakes i’ve made.
i’ve learnt a lot. 
at this point i do not know what these lessons are for. 
but i choose to be grateful for the experiences i’ve had. 
each and every of these made me who i am
and just like everything under the sun
surely my life must have a purpose. 
being who i am must have a purpose.
my life has been BLESSED with richness of experiences. 
today i choose to see it this way. 

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  1. you are interesting nat!

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