the myth of Eros and Psyche

Psyche was a Greek princess who was so beautiful that Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, grew jealous of her.  The goddess sent her son, the winged god of love Eros, to strike the young princess with one of his arrows, making her fall unhappily in love.  But when Eros saw Psyche, he fell in love with her himself and could not obey his mother.  As a gentle breeze he lifted Psyche and carried her to a secluded palace.  Eros would come to his beloved every night, after dark; he was very kind and loving and she soon returned his feelings, although she was never allowed to see her lover.  The god warned her that he would have to leave her for ever if she sees his face.  Later on, Psyche’s sisters came to visit and convinced her that she must see her lover, as he might turn out to be a dangerous monster.  So Psyche saw Eros’ face by the light of a candle, while he was sleeping, and discovered that he was not the monster she feared but a magnificent god.  After that Eros left her and she was very unhappy.  Desperate to bring him back, Psyche went to Aphrodite to ask for her help, but the goddess remained indifferent to her suffering and gave her impossible tasks to fulfil.  However, Psyche succeeded in all of them, as Eros was secretly watching over her and helping her.  In the end, Zeus decided that the lovers proved their devotion for each other and united them for eternity, granting Psyche immortality.  They lived happily ever after and a beautiful child was born to them, whose name was Voluptas (Pleasure).


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