Blessing for insomniacs

Brilliant ideas come to you at night.  Fact.

Since most of the minds are temporarily unavailable to the external stimuli during the night free ideas buzz around like hyperactive moths looking for an emitted spot to land on. And if you are an insomniac due to a sleeping disorder everyone hates or by choice ,your mind becomes a perfect target for these seemingly annoying moths. Some of them are actually annoying, especially if your insomnia is not based on a volunteering basis. But often these ideas are not moths but rather shooting stars, shooting you with their brilliance and precision. Truly you can sometimes witness a shower of shooting stars at night. Only you have to be awake for that. Whether you want to sacrifice your precious sleep for that or not is a choice you have to make. Or your mind will make this choice… for you.


3 Responses to “Blessing for insomniacs”

  1. very encouraging since insomnia is now in fashion!

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