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at the zoo

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fear, anxiety, worrying – result of a sporadically racing mind. like mice these thoughts run around disturbing and interrupting each other. if you stop for a moment and watch them through the aquarium glass you realise the these mice are not you. you are the force that puts them in the aquarium. by watching and observing them you can learn a lot about yourself. and as a by-product you can stop worrying.


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nothing tastes as sweet as the moment when ideas become so very clear and sharp as crystals…of sugar…

irregular_ode to what’s mine

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blue…green…purple…red…you’re all colours of my affection. my affection of what’s not mine, but what i love. sometimes even adore. you give me life. so full.  so empty. you are all so very different. different from each other. different from everyone else. you are the odd ones. yet addicting ones. you create magnetic fields.  you are adored not just by me. but i do not wish to own you. i do not wish to be yours. like air you do not belong to anyone. even when you do, you don’t. i thrive on your complexities. your stories create maps of mystical lands. places that attract me. your minds i’ll never fully understand. like beautiful landscapes they leave me in owe.  i can stare at your lives for ages. even when you are miles away i’m starring at you. i’m drinking from the oceans of your souls. i breathe your thoughts, your ideas. i gaze at your magnificence even though in most cases u r not even aware of how magnificent you are. i struggle when you struggle. i ache when you ache. and i’m forever joyful. the fact that you exist fills me with inexplicable ecstasy. i love that you’re. i love that i know that you’re. you’re mine. and i’m truly yours.