We burn calories

We kill flies

We waste money

We forget to say goodbye

We empty glasses

We spill on the floor

We zip jackets

We are never sure if we’ve locked the door

We roll cigarettes

We tip pretty girls

We lose keys

We buy new phones

We shiver from cold

And smile to an early bird

We embrace what’s new

We are nostalgic about what’s old

We sniff new lovers

We sweat with strangers on a tube

We use dispensable cups

We get used to homeless people on the streets

We hate queuing

We like to enjoy life

We don’t notice when time flies by

We hug each other under the sheets

Sometimes under these sheets we die



4 Responses to “-us-”

  1. Denis Lipatnikoff Says:

    “every creature dies alone” Donnie Darko

  2. We’re all in this world alone, together.

    I know where that pic on the top of yr blog is from ;)
    I miss it and you.

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