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filling the gaps

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on my way from the airport i couldn’t help but be amazed at how the landscape of lithuania has changed…i used to hitchhike a lot when i was younger and the road from klaipeda to vilnius always inspired me with its vastness of green fields and forests…i coudn’t help but start dreaming or meditatting..simply gazing through car’s window used to give me a sense of serenety..lithuanian nature is endlessly beautiful…because of it’s wildness, i guess…and what do we see now? every 100 meters along the way i see a massive billboard..thinking about life..your own or universal has become’re constantly reminded of carpets, cars, or beer that you should buy..and ultimetely that u should WANT to buy…you are being fed with these UNWANTED desires to the point of not understanding anymore what it is you want..half of these billboards advertise mortgages, home improvment materials, and home insurances…and these images do not make you feel ‘at home’..they make you feel like you don’t have a home..or your home is not good enough. you need to rush to your final destination and frantically start improving your life..your dreams..your reality.

the feeling of nostalgia abandoned me straight away..i wasn’t happy to be back. i was sad…my homeland is sold out. despite the fact that nature is still beautiful and abundant in lithuania…it’s importance has been forgotten. lithuanians rush to work, from work..earn, spend…but do not enjoy. a different idea of a home has been sold to them. the one that is based on illusion… the goal that can never be achieved. the dream that makes you continuously dissatisfied…the home that can only be bought, but not truly appreciated because there’s still something else you WANT to buy…who created these gaps? who said that these billboards are needed? people used to be able to understand what’s needed and not…now their being told…

the size and number of these ads made me nauseous…all i wanted to do is to close my eyes…greenery behind these billboards was as good as a dead flower. it was killed. not physically.. just yet… but in my mind these forests and fields stopped existing. all i have is a memory of them.


Про будущее

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когда я вырасту, я стану косманавтом, что бы полететь на луну и привезти с собой кусочек луны.

Егор, 5 лет