i am just a fragment…a piece that you choose to see…framed by time…interpreted by your own perception…meet me five years later and you might see another fragment…you might decide that i’ve changed…but may be it’s just the time that changed…or your own perception…how easy it is to dismiss other factors…that’s why i’m just a fragment…never the entire picture…you choose me to be just that. because it is easier to wrap yourself around a piece of something…even if you don’t like it you can still manage to have it…to own it…and by doing so…to know it. that selected fracture of me becomes yours. you might think that i’m losing myself to others piece by piece…but no…it’s you who is losing me. you started losing me from the first day.  because you never wanted me. you failed to see the whole thing. but you chose to own… just that tiny fragment. now, have it. it’s yours. i never belonged to you. or you. or you. or you…


3 Responses to “pieces…”

  1. I cant help but being surprised at people who say that I’m smart.
    Because I know that I am SO not alone… ;))

  2. nu nasmeshila.. :)

  3. Aww… What modesty! :)

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