life is the state of constant tension between polar opposites…for every notion there’s an opposite..any action creates a reaction…plus and minus constantly pollarising each other…making us throw ourselves from one extreme to another..and we climb towards the zero..and break ourselves in this process as the tension is stronger that any of our attmepts..and it’s life itself..breathing..shaking..moving…zero is death. and beyond that point all pluses and minuses intersect and everything becomes nothing. everything is nothing only with opposite definitions..and in this sense death competes with life. creates tension that’s beyond our control. it makes us shiver. it makes scared. scared of absolute emptiness, which we can’t fill with anything. but something is what we all like. we like to take this something and play with it. use it. waste it. adore it. hate it. throw it at ourselves. throw it at each other. big orgy of life. big orgy of pain. and while our hearts are still beating our souls search for the ultimate.and ultimate lays in the struggle. struggle between the opposites. and through this struggle we find peace. at least for a moment. we fly over the journeys we’ve made in order to find the opposite of what we had been attracted to in the past. and we find these distances fascinating. and we pause in awe. until our need to move takes over. and out hearts start convulsing from hunger. hunger for tension. hunger for love. hunger for life. hunger for never being compltely full. alive. we are all so alive. in all this madness i see divine beauty. i see omnipresence.i understand the harmony. i become united…with everything..and nothing..

i guess this is what someone would call God


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