identity. defined.undefined.marginalized.fragmented.expressed by you.explained by others.can anyone truly grasp your identity?what’s the point of having one?unless you take full control over the image you project you will continue being a subject of someone else’s interpretation. in other words, you’ll be constantly misunderstood.the only way to avoid such unpleasant experience is to CREATE your own brands we all sell ourselves. only ‘bad’ brands are not aware of this. ‘good’ brands understand and construct what they want others to think of them. or what they don’t want other people to think of them.there’s loads of space for creativity.and very little space for ambiguity.the more aware you are of what you do with you identity, the more control you gain in how you want society to position you.and we are all positioned. even if you chose to be the outcast.all roles are divided.and you are either given one.or you choose to choose them yourself.

post-modernism in all its glory.


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