? evolution

we used to have just spoken word..then books…and then with industrial revolution came letters..then faxes..then we had pagers…then mobiles…sms texts…internet..e-mail…then youtube..facebook…twitter…skype…blogs…mobile internet…video and photo messaging… wi-fi all over the world…blackberry…iphone…ipad.. who knows what’s going to come next..we are bombarded with information and the means of transferring this information..i have friends who do not do phone calls, but do texts..i have friends who do not do texts, but do calls…i have friends who do not do calls or texts, but do facebook..and i have friends who do not do facebook, but do meetings in person only..rare cases, of course…

no wonder some people resist one or another…considering the fact that most of the new media developed during the past 10 years..can our brain actually keep up with the speed of informational development…can our minds cope? do we have enough time to adopt to these new ways of perceiving and transferring information? can our brain focus on all the facebooking and blogging..yet be aware of what’s around us? can we keep up? can we remember what matters?..can we memorise? can we belong? is it progression? or are we becoming victims of this same progression? are we present in the present? are we here? is it me writing this?………


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