my experiences as defined by Paul Wells


“Cultural debates is recent years have been pre-occupied with the idea that Western society is ‘dumbing down’.  This view is largely characterised by accusations of anti-intellectualism; over-investment in celebrities and the banalities of  ‘reality TV’; and resistance to the notion that traditional models of skills and knowledge have been replaced by new capacities and abilities in information and communications technology. This discussion assumes that society has changed and there has been a de-historicisation and de-politicisation of culture, which undermines effective learning and progressive creative practice.”


2 Responses to “my experiences as defined by Paul Wells”

  1. планета “кнопкодавов”. Мне интересно, что будет если “кнопку” однажды заберут?

  2. белая цивилизация окажется на грани вымирания.. )

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