It’s the time of crisis, not just financial crisis, but an ideological crisis. That’s why Avatar is such a success (among many other things, of course). Tomorrow might never come, but if it does it’s not guaranteed that we’ll still be happy about it. Tomorrow might bring so much pain we can’t even grasp the extent of it. Is everything going to go down the hill from now on? We can’t accept that! We are way too precious to believe in this kind of ideas! Therefore, we either suppress this fear. Or get fascinated with other things. Somewhere in the depths of our anxious minds we still believe in a miracle. Good always wins. This belief is fundamental to human existence. Even though good means making unimaginable sacrifices – we still choose to believe it’s ‘good’. Plus, there is this notion of grass being greener on another side. Even if it’s on another planet – who cares? There is a way out! We know it must be. So we continue believing that something might still save the humanity (or certain parts of it). Survival is what we are good at. But for whom is it good? Call me a fool but I think human nature is self-destructing.  Despite having incredible survival abilities, we rarely create. But we do destroy in rather significant amounts. I don’t think we have even been different. Therefore, I do not see any hope for us. Humanity failed. Humanity failed its planet. Understanding that more than one outcome is possible I do choose to believe that there is another planer somewhere out there that has a whole another story. I do like the idea that some other civilisation is more advanced than us and, therefore, they know how to nurture what they have. I also hope that we will never find about this. As soon as we do we’ll start slowly destroying that ‘more perfect’ world. That’s what we are good at. I would be interested to know what tiny percentage of ‘goodness’ is caused by 100% of destruction we create… Of course, we initially think that all 100% of it is pure goodness…Aren’t we amazing.


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