‘family woman’

In English language a term ‘family guy’ or ‘family man’ is widely used, while there is no corresponding term used in relations to a female. A woman would simply be a housewife. Interestingly, the perceptions of these two terms are not equally positive.

What’s even more fascinating is that it is initially assumed that men are divided into two categories: ‘a family man’ vs. ‘not a family man’. In my subjective opinion this strict polarisation simply does not exist, but that’s another topic.

A term ‘family woman’ does not exist because all women are perceived as family-oriented. It won’t be possible otherwise or so it seems. May be it seems so because for roughly about four thousand years women were put in the socio-economic conditions, which did not allow them any other options. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that women were banned from Art Institutions until pretty much 20th century. In this kind of environment scholars, who obviously were middle-class white men, dared to declare that men are more intelligent, gifted, and capable by nature. It is interesting how society is structured in a way that puts very strict constraints on certain groups and/or individuals and then other less-constrained individuals enjoy speculating about what’s ‘natural’ and what’s not.

I am not saying that a category of ‘family women’ does not exist. In deed it does. But within this category and a part from it there are so many other categories defined and undefined, and assuming that all these can be squeezed into the same box is simply naive. Still, these humongous boxed exist today and are widely used on every day basis. It is quite clear who created these boxes. My question is why they are still being used…


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