why i create

Some people create things that are beautiful…some people are good at creating things that are practical…I am ok at both of these..only ok…because it does not hurt…it does not burn a hole in my soul…it does not squeeze all thoughts inside my brain..it does not shake my whole being..things that I create come from me..through me..through things I’ve seen..places I’ve been to..people I’ve met..lessons I’ve learnt..

Words that I write are tattooed on my skin..they are invisible but I do feel the scars..They are with me every day..every minute..sometimes I forget…or choose to forget about them…but they do not forget me..so when I write..or draw or paint…these tattoos get copied onto the paper I use..they become alive..they jump, they dance..they scream, they agonise….they finally nail down..myself..and those who witnesses them..


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