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Not to be scared

of city’s darkest alleys

Not to be worried

about people

whose shadows

are longer than their bodies

Not to be tired

Of terrible noises

that echoes inside my head

as if they’re real

they are my own


Not cutting

and not dividing

In silence

A whisper of truth


Slow motion

Gives beginning

To the End

Towards Beginning.

A sensitive soul

needs nourishment

and someone truly caring

When I find shelter

I’d like to plant

Huge sunny



a moment of truth

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the MOST amazing things are the ones you CAN NOT capture…

here is the middle finger to all the photographers, film-makers, writers, graphic designers, and myself essentially..

deal with it.


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when such big numbers of people die so suddenly and unexpectedly i can’t help but feel really sad…millions of people die every day…but i don’t know them..never met them.. so i carry on that’s what you ought to do…but when such a big part of population vanishes including young people and children i just can’t help but experience a tremendous feeling of a loss…despite the fact that i did not know these people…as if we are all connected in some humans…it is scientifically proven that we are…we all used be relatives..only a very long time ago…yet, we still go to war..kill…destroy…if only we could always remember that we do have this invisible link…we are not strangers…we are a family that grew too big to remember of its own ties..this week we lost a big part of our family..and another part of it is in a state that we do not want to be in..i can’t help but grieve for them..without knowing whether this reaction is rational or irrational..


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what if your own life becomes a work of art..or artwork in progress rather..


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“Don’t save a drowning man or you’ll be responsible to him for the rest of your life.”  -Chinese Proverb

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“Suppress natural reaction and pay for it later.”  Jane Heap


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As I would rather listen then talk these days..I’m going to share some of the stuff I’ve ‘heard’ in this blog..In case someone else might be looking to hear it..

“I wish you be not like merde. So first I make you feel like merde. Only from there can one begin.”  -Gurdjieff