so how do you achieve peace? if freedom is not given and you have to fight for it does this mean that you have to fight for peace too? if power struggle is fundamental to human existence does this mean that peace is simply unachievable? unless you live as a monk life is a continuous battle and you can’t avoid it. in fact, avoidance is a method of dealing with conflict. haven’t lived as monk (just yet), but i presume that even this type of lifestyle involves some kind of struggle. so no matter how much you meditate you can’t deny the fact that our existence is a struggle. yes, often it is imaginary, but not less often it is real. people have conflicts with people. and we always have to fight other forces, like age, natural disasters and so on. sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. peace comes from within, everyone knows that. but it is in deed very hard to remain peaceful if your house is being flooded or destroyed by some disaster.. or when you get ill..survival instincts kick in and you jump in into this fight with unknown. or known. if you want to achieve anything in life you have to fight. if you want to be married you have to struggle. if you have kids you have to struggle. life is like a puzzle made out of these challenging events, big and small. and we  humans try to make sense of it all. or we give up and do not try to make sense, but just fight. or do not fight, and just struggle..and it goes on and on and on..peace? i do not know what it is. i’ve experienced only glimpses of it when i thought that life did made sense..only until it didn’t. .again.


2 Responses to “Assumption”

  1. perhaps the only way is to stop asking such questions, setting such goals, any goals… the way things are may be unexplainable or indescribable in words..even in thoughts. since we think with in an artificial system of signs and words that were never meant no explain..they only give a rough translation, missing undetected details that can change entire meaning. a sensation, not emotions, detached from a bias of physical sounds and representations can give you ..not a genuine picture or structure or real simply can give a sensation..
    what if a little spark of sensation turns out to be conflicting with my own morale, my ego, myself?
    what if this struggle is meaningless and we run a race to grab a mirage…well then, if anyone enjoys it, let it be.

  2. and what if this struggle is not meaningless?.. u can always accept sth u do not like..or u can try to change it..this choice is always present..i’d love to stop asking questions (as it is easier)..only it seems to me that the whole point is in asking questions..without necessarily knowing the answers..
    if i lived in my own small world that had no connection to the rest of the world i’d be happy to drop any kind of questioning…only i live in a very big world and to accept that there are no struggles in life means to accept that human society has a structure that is based on absolute fairness and justice…only it doesn’t…of course everyone needs to think about their own sense of contentment…and i bow to all who does that…but the world does not stop existing inside our own little brain…power is not distributed in equal amounts..that would be utopian…human life IS politics…in addition to many other things, of course..
    saying all this..everyone has a prays, one plans, and one acts..

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