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so how do you achieve peace? if freedom is not given and you have to fight for it does this mean that you have to fight for peace too? if power struggle is fundamental to human existence does this mean that peace is simply unachievable? unless you live as a monk life is a continuous battle and you can’t avoid it. in fact, avoidance is a method of dealing with conflict. haven’t lived as monk (just yet), but i presume that even this type of lifestyle involves some kind of struggle. so no matter how much you meditate you can’t deny the fact that our existence is a struggle. yes, often it is imaginary, but not less often it is real. people have conflicts with people. and we always have to fight other forces, like age, natural disasters and so on. sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. peace comes from within, everyone knows that. but it is in deed very hard to remain peaceful if your house is being flooded or destroyed by some disaster.. or when you get ill..survival instincts kick in and you jump in into this fight with unknown. or known. if you want to achieve anything in life you have to fight. if you want to be married you have to struggle. if you have kids you have to struggle. life is like a puzzle made out of these challenging events, big and small. and we  humans try to make sense of it all. or we give up and do not try to make sense, but just fight. or do not fight, and just struggle..and it goes on and on and on..peace? i do not know what it is. i’ve experienced only glimpses of it when i thought that life did made sense..only until it didn’t. .again.



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Relationships are like countries. Some are ruled by democracy, others by dictatorship. Some even have monarchy. In some patriarchal system is in place. And sometimes it can be matriarchic. Strict order is important in some. And anarchy is prevalent in others. Some value equality. Others put all emphasis on tradition. All of them have a structure that can work in one case, and fail in another.

I have a Dream!

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Ever since I was a child I dreamed of some sort of machine that would be able to visualise one’s visual imagination. We can verbalise our thoughts but this method transfers a very limited bit of information generated by our brains. People remember things that are visual. It’s not a secret that visuals have a very powerful impact on us.

Plus, our own brain has a unique capacity to create visuals that do not necessarily exist in the outer world: things that are completely imaginary or events that due to whatever reasons are not possible. Being an imaginative child I often struggled to explain my thoughts to my mother, simply because these thoughts were visual rather than verbal.  Now, can you imagine that there was some sort of device that you could connect via wi-fi to your own brain and project these images on the screen? No need to film anything or draw – just plug it in and the job done!

Or even better, what if you could connect your brain to another brain and transfer visuals without using any kind of screen?

“Honey, I had such a nice dream…would you like me to share it with you?”  Wouldn’t that be cool? )

To take this further you could also save your visuals is some easily accessible format and e-mail it to your friends, or even make a videos or paintings from that and sell it…Obviously, art/ design would never be the same if such equipments would ever be invented… I wonder if people would change too providing that they wouldn’t need to talk as much. They’d just show what they have in mind and I bet lots of misunderstandings could be avoided…For example, if you look for something to buy, you could just send the image you have in mind, and the seller would match it accordingly…and if you need directions someone could send this visualisation to your mobile…How sweet is that? )

Well, I know how unrealistic this is…but still.. I have a dream! )

that’s my manifesto (in response to a brief at uni)

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Fuck conformity

Fuck conventionality

Fuck traditionalism

Fuck orthodoxy

Fuck submission

Fuck compliance

Fuck consistency

Fuck obedience

Fuck passivity

Fuck formality

Fuck procedures

Fuck regulations

Fuck manners

And fuck statements


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Вам никогда не казалось, что вы находитесь на грани чего-то важного?..как будто-то что-то очень значительное или же интересное живёт за вашей стеной?

Ты не слышишь, не видишь, но зато знаешь об этом..так как «оно» часто дышит тебе в затылок..нестрашно так, а скорее вкрадчиво и загадочно..оно безопасно, ибо оно спит..и проснётся только тогда, когда ты этого захочешь…когда дозреешь..когда перестанешь разбрасываться на завтра и вчера..прекратишь метатся..и не будешь гнаться за чем-то, чего нет..

Хотя того, что дышит в затылок на самом деле, тоже нет..по-крайней мере до того момента, пока ты не разбудешь его..

И кто же этот «это»?

Исходя из понятий современной физики – это ты же, только в параллельной реальности..и таких тебя там много.. и человеческими мозгами такое обхватить, конечно, трудно..

А может оно – это эдакий «mini-me»..или точнее «maxi-me», только более развитый..тот что стоит на ступени выше и ждёт пока ты дорастёшь до его уровня..

Понять что-то вообщем-то не так уж и трудно..но вот осознать..на это нужно время, а самое главное опыт..потому «maxi-me» ничего больше не остаётся, как только дышать тебе, вернее себе, в затылок..

«Всё вот завтра проснусь и стану взрослым..пойму всё и прозрею»..но наступает завтра, а ты всё ещё тоже самое «ты», что и вчера..и жизнь прдолжается..её сменяет другая..и ты ждёшь..и тебе снится «оно»..потому не ясно, есть ли оно на самом деле..и стоит ли ради него крушить стены..те самые, что так бережно настроил..

А «maxi-me» в такие моменты крепко спит..так громко храпит, что мне его совершенно неслышно..